[Olpc-open] Beautiful Documentary just aired on Arte in German/French

Charbax charbax at charbax.com
Tue Mar 23 17:44:12 EDT 2010

This fantastic 45-minute olpc documentary, perhaps the best olpc documentary
I have ever seen, just aired on German/French TV channel Arte:

Directed by Chiara Sambuchi

I recorded a 2500kbit/s Mpeg4 of it, but I wouldn't want to distribute it
online at my http://olpc.tv without the consent of the film markers so I
contacted http://lavafilm.com with a suggestion that they allow the
distribution of the documentary film online and I hope they will reply.

I sent info at lavafilm.com these suggestions:

- Would you please upload your documentary to Youtube in HD quality.

- I suggest you upload 3 versions to Youtube in HD quality, English, French
and German

- If you are unable to upload it for technical reasons (your Youtube account
doesn't support more than 10 minute uploads for now?), let me know if you
would allow me to upload a version I recorded over Composite to Archos
2500kbit/s Mpeg4 VGA resolution. I can upload that to my
http://youtube.com/charbax if you would allow me. You can pick Title,
Description and Tags. My suggest would be to link to http://lavafilm.com and
your email for "interested TV Stations can contact: info at lavafilm.com for
licencing it for TV Broadcasts."

- If you would publish this video online, I think you may reach hundreds of
thousands of views online on the whole documentary. This would be a great
promotion for your film and it would be great for the olpc project as well.
I would gladly help you to try to get as many views on the documentary as
possible. I think it would be a great promotion for your distribution of the

- If you setup a Partner Youtube account, you can eventually make money on
Youtube with overlay advertising as well, and even with pay-per-view

Let's see what they reply. Although I guess one can usually be quite
pessimistic about any Broadcast company allowing for any type of online
distribution, as their business is to sell the exclusive rights to TV
channels. Maybe I could email a URL of the video on my FTP server to the
people of the olpc mailing list, I recorded the French version.

Officially it may be available to stream at a low quality at:


But may only be available within France and Germany, and it may only be
available from that link for 7 days.

Nicolas Charbonnier
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