[Olpc-open] Bad experience, very disappointed; what can I do?

jpdeyst at comcast.net jpdeyst at comcast.net
Mon Jun 2 11:29:20 EDT 2008

To OLPC Open users:
I had a difficult experience and perhaps you can recommend whom I can talk to, to resolve it.
thanks for consideration and any advice.

I called and ordered a G1G1 laptop on approximately November 12th, to as a  Christmas present to my children and do something good as well for other children, and was given a confirmation number 201281672.   I waited and the XO did not arrive at Christmas, so I emailed and was told January, then emailed again and was told 1st quarter 2008.  Now finally I have been told, in May, that that number never existed, they think their contractors messed up, and since they never charged my credit card, I am simply out of luck and will not get a laptop: the G1G1 offer is over. 

You may say, perhaps he is trying to game the system to get a laptop, or that I should have known when the charge wasn't made to the Visa card; but I really did call and order and I did not know anything, just the useless number they gave me; and the emails I sent referrring to that never raised the issue.  In fact I was just informed that all the emails I got were "auto-responders" - it would appear that noone every even looked at my emails until May.

I am so disappointed; I took a risk to order this new thing instead of a Wintel or Mac, thinking I would give my children something neat we could share, and also help others, and that I could work through the issues of it being different and give us all something good. 

Instead, we got nothing after six months of waiting and asking and trying and getting nothing but emails saying to be patient. My kids stopped asking about it around March, after I told them so many times that we were still waiting for it.

If Dr. Negroponte ever reads this, I hope he knows he has lost a good customer and proponent.
John P. Deyst
Boxborough MA
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