[Olpc-open] documentary

John Kintree jkintree at swbell.net
Tue May 29 00:17:28 EDT 2007

Is it time to produce a documentary that illustrates the capabilities of the 
XO computer?  I would like to see such a production begin with children, in 
schools that have already received XO computers. demonstrating what they can 
do with them.  This would include the mesh networking, dual-mode monitor, 
Sugar interface, and some of the networked activities.  Since the units that 
have already been distributed to children are the B2 builds, the documentary 
might conclude with a visit to MIT and demonstration of the enhanced 
capabilities of the B3 units, and a description of other design changes that 
might take place, such as the antenna, before mass production begins.  

While children might take the lead role in demonstrating how the XO works, the 
documentary should be directed and edited by skilled and experienced people.  
The final outcome could be published at YouTube and Google Video, as well as 
with a higher quality version in ogg theora format that could be published 
for downloading.  

If sufficient orders from national departments of education have not been 
received at the time the documentary is produced, the documentary could help 
raise the orders, or be used as a fund raising tool.  I know that if an 
opportunity for individuals to purchase two XO computers, one of which the 
buyer would receive and the other being given to a child in a developing 
country, I would like to see a comprehensive documentary before placing my 
order.  BTW, I would be happy to pay in advance, with my money held in an 
escrow account, until a minimum number such as  250,000 units was ordered.  
John Kintree
4043 Delor Street
St. Louis, MO  63116

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