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John Kintree jkintree at swbell.net
Sat Jan 13 11:33:39 EST 2007

I'm glad that OLPC project is considering ways for open purchases of the laptop.   This would result in a greater quantity ultimately purchased, which would lower the per unit costs for everyone, and would provide a greater incentive for developers and peripheral manufacturers to write applications and drivers for the laptop.  Given the superior price/performance of the laptop, as long as the preference for children in developing nations is maintained, there is no reason to deny the laptop for other people of all ages and locations.  

There might be arrangements for two types of purchasers: individuals and institutions.  For individuals, the "buy 2, get 1" arrangement makes sense.  For institutions, such as local school districts, it might be "buy 1,000, get 750," since the per unit order processing and S&H would be lower for institutional customers.  

Finally, the model adopted by commutercars.com to fund development of their two-passenger, electric car is interesting.  Individuals can place the amount of the estimated purchase price into an escrow account.  If and when sufficient interest and funds are in the account to proceed, commutercars.com spends the money; otherwise, the money is refunded to the people who were willing to pay in advance.  
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John Kintree

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