[Olpc-open] dual boot ubuntu

Steve Franks stevefranks at ieee.org
Fri Dec 28 23:19:19 EST 2007

> Steve:
> Re: get out there and make a dual boot system.  If only!  I don't know
> how.  I mean, is grub already part of sugar?  I should check.

 This might work as well for you as a dual-boot:

 The other night I fooled around and figured out I could:

(1) root login (ctrl-alt F1)
(2) edit /etc/yum.d/fedora.repo to change the "enabled 0" to "enabled 1"
(3) run "yum install xfce4-session"
(4) copy /home/olpc/.xsession-example to .xsession
(5) change the line in .xsession at the bottom from "#exec xterm" to
"exec xfce4-session" (no '#')
(6) get a developer key and back things up in case the system hangs
when you reboot (don't actually know how to do that myself, but I'm a
risk-taker and tried it with no backup - which was probably wicked
stupid for someone who doesn't know linux inside out).
(7) had to reboot twice for some reason (first time hung >10 minutes)
(8) sugar complains about "some other  wm running?", but it all works
like a charm.
(9) right-click on the xfce4 desktop manager at the top of the screen
and disable it (sugar really wants the whole screen, and things get
hidden if you don't), and right-click on the xfce4 button panel at the
bottom and move it to the top-right, where it doesn't get in the way
of most Sugar UI.
(10) You can pretty much install any app in
until you fill up your NVRAM (OpenOffice.org, for instance, might be a
poor choice).  Firefox with tabs works swimmingly.  Haven't figured
out how to make a sugar button for it yet...

This is from memory, there might be some misspellings/skipped steps.


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