[Olpc-open] very general questions about olpc

Mrs. J. McKeon freekeon at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 15 11:52:33 EST 2007

I am wondering...is there an Idiot's Guide to OLPC for me - I bought 2 for my kids through gogo and I need assistance in setting the things up...my first line of questions (and there will be many more) are - how do I change the mouse preference - one of my kids is a lefty - how do I set the home page to something other than the google search bar - is there a web address bar somewhere - can we default a group for immediate chat rather than having to go through the invitation process each time the kids log on?  Is there any setting on the machine for parental controls once on the web, or is that something we will need to download from somewhere else, and does xo support it?  Does xo support Flash (I have been seeing some conflicting info about that)?
Gathering from previous posts, I get the feeling that olpc-open is not the list for these types of questions...
We have scoured OLPC's getting started web instructions, which seem light on details for me.  Any points in helpful directions will be greatly appreciated...Thank  you, Stephanie

Love, S   

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