[Olpc-open] Fascinating bias of Dvorak...

Ed Montgomery edm at rocketmail.com
Sat Dec 15 05:45:19 EST 2007

You know, it's very interesting that Dvorak doesn't
criticize or suggest that this fellow (John Wood) and
his organization (Room to Read) 'send food or money
for food' to these children.  Why not?  Is it perhaps
because there is an M$ connection?  (he is a former M$

If sending books to educate the world's children is a
good idea and supported, then OLPC is just as
important, if not more so, since the educational
material that can be made available via the internet
far outstrips books and libraries (not that I'm
advocating not spending effort on providing books and
libraries, mind you! :-)  I have a sizeable personal
library, and carry cards for at least 2 public and 2
university libraries ;-)).
And of course, computers are more than books,
interactive, moving animations, pictures, sounds, etc.

So, once again, I would implore all readers to ignore
Dvorak and continue the efforts to help educate the
world's children through OLPC.

Link to recent Wood's article:
Link to Room to Read organization:

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