[Olpc-open] CMS, Moodle, etc

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at cesmail.net
Thu Dec 6 22:13:07 EST 2007

Seth Woodworth wrote:
> As a student who's used BB and a geek who's explored Moodle, I would 
> choose Moodle hands down.  I had many problems with BB being slow and 
> not liking firefox and in a couple cases gnu/linux in general.  They may 
> be fixed now (this was a few years ago) but why wouldn't we use Moodle 
> with it's philosophy?  Hands down argument for me.
> Seth

Yet another noodle for Moodle -- it was one of only ten open source 
projects that Google chose for their high-school-level equivalent of 
"Summer of Code". I guess that's a Google Noodle for Moodle. <ducking>

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