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All - for those who might not be aware, the following links may be helpful;
perhaps someone could wikify them somewhere:

- this is a very helpful site for doing comparison of the features in
different CMSes and LMSes.

- this site allows you to try live demos of various open source cmses and
lmses (including moodle)

- this hosting company has relatively inexpensive hosting plans for
individuals and organizations who would like to have a cms or lms -- they
will install it for you when you start an account (without charging an
installation/configuration fee, which is great). I think that I started a
Moodle instance so I could try it out using their service.

On Dec 6, 2007 9:58 AM, Nagarajan Vadivel <radius.consultancy at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I am not aware of the WEBCT controversy but I know that the Black Board
> filed and obtained the patent for the whole gamut of elearning.  We resisted
> the move by BB and an assurance was extracted that BB will not go after
> opensource software such as Moodle
> I have a seperate server located in US for offering Moodle related service
> Let me know your indication on how to go ahead with these open source
> elearning frameworks.
> Nagarajan
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> visit : www.radiusconsultancy.com    www.radius.in    www.elearning.edu
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