[Olpc-open] Status of MaMaMedia and Avallain

Carol Lerche cafl at msbit.com
Thu Dec 6 12:55:41 EST 2007

Maybe, but a version of mamamedia was in the prior vmware build, and the
group doing this is clearly affiliated with the media lab and olpc.  They
had a bundle released in October.  Browsing to the links to the .xo files
from the latest vmware image (649) and attempting to download starts an
install which hangs and requires a reboot to clear.

As for Avallain, it seems that they are working with the Nepal deployment,
and email offering development help to their "contact us" link gleans no
response, not even a "we received your mail, run along and play".  I think
this is an instance where the page about them in the OLPC wiki needs to be
clarified.  Literacy content is highly important in a product aimed at
primary grades, and it is really hard to see any content/strategy that
actually shows that someone has thought about it.  I don't think this is
necessarily true of the facts on the ground -- it may be an artifact of the
wiki's inherent lack of cohesive structure and update.  Also, the persons
most active in instigating the project have a long history of finding ways
to use technology in science and math education, especially in upper
elementary grades where literacy competence was presumed, at least at some
minimal level.

On Dec 6, 2007 9:45 AM, Todd Kelsey <tekelsey at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am not certain on either Mamamedia or Availlain -- my guess is that they
> are both instances where employees of the companies are trying to fit in
> product development for olpc in parallel with their corporate development (
> i.e. staying late at work to try and get it done). The best thing I could
> suggest is to send an email once a month, asking them what the status is of
> their work -- and if you like, asking them if there's any help you can
> provide to put it forward -- simply by getting a sense of the help they
> need, and possibly updating their wiki page (x,y,z needed, please add your
> name if you are willing to help) -- eventually enough traction may occur to
> get something going.
> On Dec 6, 2007 11:04 AM, Carol Lerche <cafl at msbit.com> wrote:
> > Their wiki seems dead. November 30, the date stated as the next
> > milestone, is past -- what is the status? When I look at the "blocker bugs"
> > it isn't clear why they block a release. Why does language selection have to
> > be dynamic, for example? Couldn't versions be packaged for individual
> > countries? This stuff isn't present in the latest vmware image I downloaded
> > (649), and when I tried to install by browsing to the .xo link on the olpc
> > wiki I got a stalled activity that required a reboot of the vm to clear.
> >
> > The activities in the mamamedia group seem most appropriate for creating
> > early literacy content and that is what I am trying to put together for my 4
> > g1g1 laptops, which are destined for a kindergarten in the South Bronx. Is
> > there a mailing list for development activity?
> >
> > Also, the OLPC wiki tells me that Avallain is somehow the plan for
> > supporting literacy contentn the OLPC, but I couldn't find any info on their
> > website  There is mention of developing an open source version.
> > Does anyone reading this list know about these content issues?
> >
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