[Olpc-open] Status of MaMaMedia and Avallain

Todd Kelsey tekelsey at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 12:45:06 EST 2007

I am not certain on either Mamamedia or Availlain -- my guess is that they
are both instances where employees of the companies are trying to fit in
product development for olpc in parallel with their corporate development (
i.e. staying late at work to try and get it done). The best thing I could
suggest is to send an email once a month, asking them what the status is of
their work -- and if you like, asking them if there's any help you can
provide to put it forward -- simply by getting a sense of the help they
need, and possibly updating their wiki page (x,y,z needed, please add your
name if you are willing to help) -- eventually enough traction may occur to
get something going.

On Dec 6, 2007 11:04 AM, Carol Lerche <cafl at msbit.com> wrote:

> Their wiki seems dead. November 30, the date stated as the next milestone,
> is past -- what is the status? When I look at the "blocker bugs" it isn't
> clear why they block a release. Why does language selection have to be
> dynamic, for example? Couldn't versions be packaged for individual
> countries? This stuff isn't present in the latest vmware image I downloaded
> (649), and when I tried to install by browsing to the .xo link on the olpc
> wiki I got a stalled activity that required a reboot of the vm to clear.
> The activities in the mamamedia group seem most appropriate for creating
> early literacy content and that is what I am trying to put together for my 4
> g1g1 laptops, which are destined for a kindergarten in the South Bronx. Is
> there a mailing list for development activity?
> Also, the OLPC wiki tells me that Avallain is somehow the plan for
> supporting literacy contentn the OLPC, but I couldn't find any info on their
> website  There is mention of developing an open source version.
> Does anyone reading this list know about these content issues?
> Carol Lerche
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