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Thu Dec 6 11:19:36 EST 2007

Thanks for the links. :-)
And I think it is equally, if not more so, to declare
that one's opinion of what is 'good' and impose that
on others is not so 'good'.  This is a classic problem
I think we all recognize.  Who makes the 'very careful
selection?' Whose criteria?  To date, from what I have
seen, I'm generally impressed with the xo (although I
consider it to be very, very westernized, for
example).  I note, for example that most of the
instruments, sounds, animal graphics, etc. are all
typically western.  I saw no gongs, Asian plants or
animals, etc., etc.  I am sort of surprised that it is
not much more culturally diverse.  And I hope/assume
that the children will correct this oversight (by the
academic designers of the project, etc...:-))  And not
surprised to see mainly western ideas of education
(Montessori) quoted, etc.  Sigh.  Well, as I said, I
believe the children are going to be teaching soon.
:-) In fact, they already are, on other projects
(exemplis gratis):
So, what you or others consider 'good', might not
nearly be so, in another area, etc.  In fact, what I
see is your 'generalization' of what you see as 'good'
being imposed on others.  Fortunately, the children
will change this, I'm sure. :-)
Hopefully, this project, along with others, will help
to slow down the destruction of culture as we slowly
slide into monoculture.

This might be valid in this specific instance, but it
is a very  
dangerous position to take if generalized. Yes choice
is good, but  
the range of offers must be very carefully selected.
It's one of the  
great insights of Maria Montessori that kids will play
anyway, but  
providing them with "good" toys enhances learning
immensely. So it is  
our responsibility to provide good choices.

There was a rather interesting discussion about that
lately (although  
in the context of higher education), unfortunately its
threads are  
not continuous:


- Bert -

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