[OLPC New Zealand] [OLPC-AU] Testing Summary: 18 February 2012 - Auckland, New Zealand

Jerry Vonau jerry at laptop.org.au
Sun Feb 19 19:28:39 EST 2012

Thanks for the feedback, replies below.

On 18 February 2012 02:59, Tabitha Roder <tabitha at tabitha.net.nz> wrote:

> *****************
> 171 11.1.3au on Rosella
> Release notes at
> https://dev.laptop.org.au/projects/xo-au/wiki/120_release_notes don’t
> clearly say what has changed since the last build. It’s also not clear what
> “beta 2” is.
> Music Painter (Rosella) does not play music. It’s not clear if it is
> attempting to play but no sound is coming out, or if it isn’t even trying
> to play when you press the play button. Sound recording and playback works
> in record, so it’s not the hardware. Every time you start Music Painter it
> seems to start a csound process consuming 100% cpu.
> Rosella - The Sentelec FSP touch pad is not that great but not terrible --
> the pointer tends to jump to the top of the screen but removing and
> replacing the finger returns things to normal. olpc-fsp-fwread is broken -
> it appears to have dos line endings, this is fixed with dos2unix. It is not
> clear which config was loaded -- the 5F tools appear to be loaded and
> verify did not return anything.
The dos2unix issue is noted, I'll have to confirm with upstream about this

> Rosella - Restart from the activity ring sometimes does not do anything.
> Shutdown sometimes causes a restart instead of a shutdown.
I'll can't seem to duplicate, but will watch for this issue.

> Rosella - Terminal and new tabs within a running terminal always start
> with a comically large font.
Noticed this with the switch to dextrose, will check with upstream on this

> Rosella - Record seems to have an off by one error -- one line at the
> bottom of the picture is either a static colour or an always changing line
> of noise. Changing noise in this line is rarer and gives the video codec
> some trouble in low quality mode.
Not to sure where to start with this one.

> Rosella - Using Browse to edit a google doc (we constructed this testing
> report in a google doc) was not much fun, with long pauses where nothing
> happened before everything you’ve typed suddenly appeared. This may have
> been related to two csound processes consuming all the CPU, I only
> discovered this right at the end of testing. The google doc disturbances
> were not obviously related to suspend and resume.
Think the busy cpu might have something to do with this.

> 171 11.1.3au on Ivy
> Maze works
> Ivy favourited more icons from the list home view to add them to the
> circle home view, and it does change to spiral as expected.
Good to know.


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