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On 7 March 2011 18:07, Tabitha Roder <tabitha at tabitha.net.nz> wrote:
> Hello Anna
> If you are in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch then you can meet up with
> other volunteers in those cities and see what is currently happening and go
> from there.
> There are quite a number of Oceanic deployments that could do with some
> assistance that might suit your skill set. Samoa have asked for lesson
> plans. Kosrae are just starting their 800 XO deployment. There are lots of
> resources but it is a matter of finding them and collating them, and in some
> cases localising them. Then there are also areas where there are no teacher
> or student resources. Having knowledge of the NZ curriculum means you can be
> a great asset to Oceanic countries that use our curriculum entirely or as a
> model for their own.

There's OLPC Australia's online course, which you can see at

You can login with guest access.

We are also building an education portal for teachers to share
experiences and resources.

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