[OLPC New Zealand] [Testing] Auckland Testing June 11 - 2011

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Sat Jun 11 05:43:11 EDT 2011

On 11 June 2011 04:41, Fabiana Kubke <mf.kubke at gmail.com> wrote:
> Present: Nevyn, Fabiana, Leslie, Tabitha, Tom, Cheung, Abhishek + ????
> Imaged the xos 1 and 1.5 with http://wiki.laptop.org/go/11.2.0 v22

Thanks. This is really great feedback. I hope you'll continue testing
the upcoming builds as well.

> General issue:
> There was a strange behaviour with the frame, could not find a consistent
> cause. Sometimes the frame would come up and there was no way of getting out
> of it (either moving the cursor or through the frame key). On a couple of
> occasions the xo's also shut themselves down for not apparent reason - we
> could not reproduce this either.

The frame issue is something we know about. After dragging and
dropping within a certain context, the frame and the zoom keys (and
others, possibly) will stop working. We'll hopefully have this fixed
this weekend.

The XO shutdown issue is something new - can you explain a bit more?
When the XOs were shutting down, did you see the "warning screen" with
those safety icons? Or was it a more sudden loss of power? Had these
XOs been left idle beforehand or were they being actively used?

> Copying a file from usb to journal diables the frame and can't get out of
> the journal view. We reproduced this in an xo1.5 and an xo1 consistently.
> Mounting the usb is not the problem, but the freezing happens when the file
> is copied. When the file was dragged to copy it, the image of the whole line
> (not just the icon) was dragged. We did not test whether it was the
> 'copying' or the 'dragging', but this issue is similar to one reported near
> 30/10/10 where the top keys lost functionality after copying - in that case
> it turned out that it was the act of 'dragging' that caused the problem.

It's the same issue, also mentioned above, hopefully fixed soon.

> Music Painter 9 - Could not get any sound out of it - seemed to work ok, but
> since we had no sound it was not clear how to proceed with testing. This on
> both xo 1 and 1.5. Both had sound working fine on other activities (robot,
> record)

This is an activity you added yourselves, right?

> Colors -> Fails to start on xo1.5 (not loaded on the image of 1.0)
> Reproduced on two 1.5's

We'll be removing Colors for the next release.

> Record: Photo, video and audio seem to be working ok in both xo 1.5 and 1.0.
> Files are stored in the journal, but when we clicked to open it would try to
> open an app and then just quit. The only way to open the files was to choose
> 'resume with browse' which opened the files ok (not with jukebox) Reproduced
> in both 1 and 1.5
> Jukebox: Can open ok from the circle, but then closes down when one tries to
> open a file (either from the list when it first opens or by trying to go
> through 'choose object' - Reproduced on both 1 and 1.5 - Attached is the log
> file from an xo 1.5 after this

These 2 issues are the same thing, we've fixed it for the next release.

> Physics (on xo 1.5) crashes after making a shape with the pencil that looks
> like a long convoluted spaghetti (this I think was reported before by Tom)
> Robot - Just played a bit with asking questions - I have a really hard time
> understanding it, Leslie and Nevyn had less trouble - but didn't play too
> long with it.

Thanks, I think these a new issues for us, I'll look into this and
file tickets as appropriate.


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