[olpc-nz] Testing Summary - Wellington, 16 Oct 2010

Tim McNamara mcnamara.tim at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 17:39:13 EDT 2010

Tim, Alastair, Grant


=> Tim
  - I would prefer a white background, to match the rest of
  - initially it was hard to figure our what to do
  - like the difficulty scaling widget

  code specific
    - g.py
      - omits shebang
      - interesting way to get out of the global namespace
      - cross-portability may be an issue, does g.imgf need to be set
        manually? what happens when aspect ratios change, is a single factor
      - ll  93 - 99, list comprehensions may be faster, although given that
        you're loading the images into memory, I can see why the current
        approach is taken
    - olpcgames/
      - [Question for self] does this directory need to be included?

=> Alastair
 - logo looks a little like a poker chip
 - good game

=> Tim
  - like the "choose an object" dialogue: is that custom built?
  - no files to test :/ - must bring some .ogg next time

physics-7 (?)
=> Alastair
  - reset button would be good, clicking on all elements is annoying

=> Tim
  - code specific
    - DEVELOPING is very useful, perhaps update it though
    - objects remain in memory after they have left the screen
    - there is a single event handler for every pygame event, should
      we change things so that specific events are handled with
    - it seems that every element is rendered from SVG at each
      frame (=> I can't tell from Box2d's Ansi C code whether this is
      is the case, I suspect it's not on reflection)
    - Elements hasn't been updated since 2008...


Non-testing activity

  - cleaned up some of the language on the test requests page[1]

[1] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_New_Zealand/Test_Requests

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