[olpc-nz] Wellington Testing Summary - Saturday 12 June

Alastair Munro aperson39 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 00:18:24 EDT 2010

Who: Alastair and Grant

Testing os126 on 2 XO 1.5 laptops:
Only problem we had was the mouse stopping functioning when starting
write-63, the cursor turned into the text entry type cursor and then the
mouse would no longer work. We were unable to replicate this problem and did
not manage to collect any logs. Collaboration of write on 2 XO1.5s using a
public access point worked well. Do the XO1.5 laptops not contain the
802.11-S mesh hardware or is their inablility to mesh like the XO-1 a
software issue? We have found the meshing to be a major feature of the XOs
and now it doesnt seem to be present on the 1.5s. Build os126 is very stable
and fast :-)

- Very cool activity, although had to try and remember how to use an abacus.
The Hexadecimal abacus and Binary abacus were quite fun.
- On one a couple of the laptops (both XO1 and XO1.5) switching between the
different abacus types sometimes took quite a long time, an indication that
something was happening would be useful.

Sugar Commander-5:
- The activity is very useful for quickly adding tags and descriptions to
Journal items, it also allows quick and easy clean up of unwanted journal
- In the file section of the activity there was an inconsistency with the
create folder button appearing and disappearing when changing between
"Recently Used" "Search" and various folders in the places panel, this might
be to do with the way that the button is added to the panel.
- We found this activity very useful for copying files of USB drives in to
the journal. This could be improved with a progress bar when copying large
files (although this is not a common occurrence on the XOs due to limited
storage space)
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