[olpc-nz] Today's/Tonight's QA Phone Call Conclusions & Unofficial Minutes

Simon Schampijer simon at laptop.org
Wed Feb 24 11:05:26 EST 2010

[added Mel to cc]

Thanks Tabitha for your thoughts, this is really helpful!

On 02/23/2010 05:50 AM, Tabitha Roder wrote:
> Hi Simon
> Tim is on the money with his reply to you.
> Testing from NZ has to be when we are awake so just tell us what to
> test. It is hard for anyone to know what needs testing with all the
> different places stuff is listed and the barriers to successful
> testing are high. I can download images and hope for the best when we
> get to our testing meeting but in many cases we don't have all that we
> need and have to try again the following weekend. So make it simple
> and easy to follow your test request.

Makes sense.

> I am happy to test on XOs and other hardware.

Ok, great.

> Meetings are hard to attend due to time zones and other commitments
> (like people being at work, sport, family, other volunteer stuff) but
> mailing lists we all follow (though I get selective when my inbox is
> full and only read the headlines and maybe the first paragraph).

Seconded, as we are all volunteers an asynchronous model might make most 
sense. Especially when there is little time to do things one has to be 
organized well and the teams must have a process they can follow and be 
sure others get to the results.

> I would love there to be one webpage for test requests that has some
> visual indicator of how many people testing it and how close to
> finished testing it is, with a big tick next to it when it has been
> tested thoroughly. While it is requiring testing have some work in
> progress sign and you click it to see the test request (and hardware
> requirements for test like XO or other), all the downloads you
> require, and a way to submit your test feedback. Anyone who can make
> that happen would be great.
> Kind regards
> Tabitha
> NZ Volunteer

Yes, that sounds very good indeed. I guess we do not have any 
infrastructure for the working scenario you describe (yet)?

I know Mel wanted to do QA for her upcoming pilot and was involved in 
the QA efforts at olpc. Mel, do you have any thoughts about testing 
tools that allows what Tabitha describes? Testlink [1] was mentioned 
already, for example.


[1] http://www.teamst.org/

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