[olpc-nz] Wellington Testing Summary - Saturday 13 February

Alastair Munro aperson39 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 15:35:19 EST 2010

Who: Alastair, Brenda, Callum, Casey, Grant, Tim

Tested and managed to replicate an interesting bug on the XO-1 with build
os802b1 (os802b1.img) that caused all the activities on the XO to disappear
and stopped the journal from being accessed. With an XO-1 running this
build, if you load activities by holding the 'X' on the game keys at start
up method. Once all the activities have been loaded of the USB drive, on the
next boot and all subsequent boots there are no activities shown in the ring
or list views even though investigation through the terminal shows they are
all there, also the Journal icon is labeled "Activity" and it isn't possible
to access the Journal.

Fileshare-9: Works well awesome to see a file sharing activity, had success
sharing a photo from one XO to another. Although had problems opening the
file on the XO that received the file, possibly problems with MIME type.
Lots of fun and very fast, hope to see more work on this activity.

Watch Me-2: Awesome Idea and lots of fun, didn't have any problems. Very
fast for real time screen casting with was surprising for the XO-1 this
could have some very useful classroom applications for example if the
teacher was demonstrating something they could use this Activity to show the
students what they were doing. Awesome work keep it up.

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