[olpc-nz] Fwd: Invitation to a public meeting - Mind the Gap - Thurs 26 August

Tim McNamara mcnamara.tim at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 16:36:34 EDT 2010

Sounds cool Vik

My only concern is that the presence of the computers would detract from the
organisers' main intentions. However, if they're happy I think that a few
volunteer attendees would be great.

To Metiria, Aaryn & Katherine: OLPC stands for "One Laptop Per Child", which
is an education programme that uses computers running free & open source
software for its 'delivery mechanism'. It's even possible to put a
computer's operating system on a USB stick. More info at

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 3:56 PM, Vik Olliver <vik at catalyst.net.nz> wrote:

> Might be an idea to pop along with some OLPCs and SoaS ...
> Vik :v)
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> Subject: Invitation to a public meeting - Mind the Gap - Thurs 26 August
> Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 15:40:55 +1200
> From: Metiria Turei <Metiria.Turei at parliament.govt.nz>
> To: Aaryn Barlow <aarynbarlow at gmail.com>,        Kate Strack
> <Katherine.Strack at parliament.govt.nz>
> Kia ora,
> I hope that you can join me on Thursday 26 August 7pm at Corban Estate
> Arts Centre, Opanuku Studio, 426 Great North Rd, Henderson, to talk
> about how we better care for New Zealand's families and children. I
> would love to hear your views and stories and share with you our
> solutions for what is one of the most serious social and economic issues
> this country faces.
> Every child deserves a fair go, no matter what their parents earn or
> where they live. We know that the gap between the haves and the have
> nots is widening in New Zealand. We also know that the wider the gap the
> more our children are hurt - all children from all families. Most social
> problems are worse in countries with high inequality. Homelessness,
> energy and food insecurity, and poverty affect us all. You may well see
> that in your work and in your communities in Waitakere.
> The problem is serious but the solutions are there. We can start to
> close that gap if we prioritise our efforts and resources. Its these
> solutions I would like to talk about with you.
> So, it would be great to see you on the 26th.
> If you have any questions about the meeting, feel free to contact Aaryn
> or Kate who are included in this email, or phone 04 817 6796.
> Cheers,
> Metiria
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