[Olpc-indonesia] Indonesia XO Deployment / Initial Assessment

Sofyan Embik sofyan at educateindo.org
Mon Jun 11 01:27:35 EDT 2012

Thank you, Tony.

Waveplace has a great program and I'm especially interested in the Etoys
software and how it engages students through storytelling.  I will
certainly look into this further and have downloaded a version of the
Squeaky Tales Course.  I'm very impressed with their work and in a way
envision something very similar.  I really appreciate this.



On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 7:52 PM, <forster at ozonline.com.au> wrote:

> Hi Sofyan
> > Project Objectives - as the main point of the project is to provide
> > children and educators a dynamic and effective lesson plan that will
> > eventually be implemented independently..... In regards to the above, I
> > find myself grappling with a an effective
> > Project Objective that will serve as an integral means of raising funds.
> It might be useful to look at Waveplace www.waveplace.org/
> They have been very effective at raising funds from private donors. I put
> that in part to having a very clear project that they could present to
> donors:
> * They already had a strong relationship with their first school
> * A clear goal, to prevent the Carribean becoming a big tourist resort
> with its citizens in menial jobs
> * A vision of how to get there, harnessing local creativity to become a
> multimedia exporter
> * Detail, using Etoys for digital storytelling
> I hope that is helpful
> Tony
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