[Olpc-Haiti] OLPC/Waveplace Translation Project

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sun Jan 31 04:18:06 EST 2010

Thanks Carmina & the Haitian Americans in NYC who made today one of the 
more meaningful of my life.  We'll meet again all-day Saturday Feb 6 
downtown NYC, tracking Crisis Camp logistics here as usual: 

As we grow this OLPC Haiti community far beyond our current 60 list 
members, mobilizing those worldwide caring about long-term solutions for 
Haiti/Education (including our good friends at 
http://haiti.waveplace.org) please ask those you trust to start 
Translating to Creole here today:

1) Join our mailing list, olpc-haiti at lists.laptop.org :

2) http://translate.sugarlabs.org
Recheck others' work please -- just register & start translating!  
Including Etoys.

3) http://laptop.org/manual
(translate in Microsoft Word if you must, HTML if possible, forwarding 
your complete translation of any complete chapter back here to our 
http://lists.laptop.org/admin/olpc-haiti list)

4) 10 awesome Childrens' Books Hans Marshalleck is beginning to gather 
for very young children.  Related: his very own XO Laptop Coloring Book 
his church group may professionally print.  Geraldine Zephirin is 
contacting publishers for content donations and should expand her net 
further.  Please all help them find the very best kids' stories / 
E-books: age-appropriate & legal to translate/distribute.  Start with 
2nd/3rd grade reading level (Age 7-8?) if possible.  Polish the 
translations.  We Can Help You convert these to .EPUB (E-book) format.  
Thanks Hans for keeping us up-to-date on NYC translation party and 
training sessions planning.

5) Roald Dahl's famous kids books might be specially openly-licensable 
for Creole translation given his daughter runs http://PIH.org
Allison Bland: can you investigate?

6) Wikipedia.org's 1000+ most education-appropriate articles need 
translation.  Please start right here today: http://ht.wikipedia.org -- 
reply to olpc-haiti at lists.laptop.org and SJ at laptop.org if you need help.
An OLPC/Sugar software Activity will be built for kids in Haiti who do 
not have Internet, as soon as the quality+quantity of these article 
reaches a high standard, just like this great Spanish version with 
"30,000" Wikipedia articles used in Peru: 

7) 20 chapters/book units Waveplace's Tim Falconer is coordinating 
(language arts, math, sciences, visual arts, music) to be announced on 
http://lists.laptop.org/admin/olpc-haiti in coming weeks, and at:

8) Teachers' Guides, colorful Handouts, Courseware emerging in places like:

9) Etoys' Manual emerging progressively at:

10) Haitians Kids/Teachers talking to the world -- one of many reverse 
translation projects from Creole to English, allowing the world to hear 
unfiltered Haitian experiences:

PS very brief photo-backgrounder on Waveplace's 2008/2009 OLPC work in 

Foreshadowing OLPC's separate (larger scale) work in Haiti later this year:

Carmina Blaise wrote:
> Hello,
> I created a group within The New Haiti Project community.
> I hope you'll consider joining it.
> The direct address is:
> http://newhaitiproject.ning.com/group/onelaptopperchildwaveplaceproject
> I got a nice conversation going with the multilinguals/translators group:
> 2 of their members have already joined ours
> and are willing to help.
> Marilyn is doing a terrific job letting people know about this initiative.
> Hans do you think we could get a logo created from the Ning group? 
> That would be awesome!
> Let me know
> Let's keep the momentum going!
> Thanks and God Bless!
> Carmina
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