[Olpc-Haiti] [RE] Where to find Haitian Kréyol profes sional translators

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Wed Feb 3 01:30:08 EST 2010

Geraldine Zephirin wrote:
> That's a very good idea. Is there a french version of this manual http://laptop.org/manual available? That may help widen the pool of volunteer translators.  Keep in mind, a vast majority of the Haitian diaspora in the states have a french education background and may have an easier time translating from french to kreyol.

Indeed: if it's useful, the French version of http://laptop.org/manual 
was created by volunteers (like the English original, but 9 months later 
in June 2009) and is located here:

Clarifying Question: is it true that all OLPC/Sugar translation has been 
completed by 600+ volunteers to date?  That was my impression, but I 
could be wrong,

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