[OLPC.ch] linux distri for kids

Döbeli Honegger Beat PHZ Schwyz beat.doebeli at phz.ch
Thu Jul 5 04:11:15 EDT 2012

Hi Gabriele,

> In the last few months I evaluated many distributions intended for kids.
> Qimo, Doudoulinux, Edubuntu, Kiddix, Kidoz, Sugar, and a couple of
> others.

Is there a document with your evaluation available somewhere on the net? Your comparison would be interesting for others, I suppose.

> But each has pros and cons, and each had a quite good success.
> The idea is to boost this success with a distribution for kids to raise
> funds for OLPC projects.

If there are already several distributions available: What would be the advantage/enhancement of your distribution?

With kind regards

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