[OLPC.ch] How to push?

Döbeli Honegger Beat PHZ Schwyz beat.doebeli at phz.ch
Sat Mar 21 11:20:40 EDT 2009

Dear Marc,

> I watch the OLPC Project since the beginning, but it's very slow in  
> Switzerland.
> To push it, I have a few ideas how to do it:
> -Founding of a Facebook-Group just for Switzerland.
> -Founding of groups in other Portals, like Amazee.com 
> (http://www.amazee.com/quotone-laptop-childquot-schweiz 
> )

IMHO, founding more virtual groups does not attract more people but distribute them on the several virtual groups. OLPC Switzerland already has a mailinglist and a wiki where people can inform theirselves and discuss with each other.

> -Founding of an association.

Already done: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Switzerland#The_non_profit_association_olpc.ch

> This could be my contribution: I would like to set up them and to go  
> "on tour" to show it to government agencies and school departments.
> To read or hear about it is one thing, so see and touch it 
> the other.  

If you would like to contribute: Why not join us on our next real meeting? It will be announced on the mailing list.


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