[OLPC.ch] How to push?

ElektroMarc ElektroMarc at hispeed.ch
Fri Mar 20 22:27:23 EDT 2009

Dear all,

I watch the OLPC Project since the beginning, but it's very slow in  

To push it, I have a few ideas how to do it:

-Founding of a Facebook-Group just for Switzerland.

-Founding of groups in other Portals, like Amazee.com (http://www.amazee.com/quotone-laptop-childquot-schweiz 

-Founding of an association.

We need the support of the Swiss Government, but we can talk forever,  
we need some devices to show them !

This could be my contribution: I would like to set up them and to go  
"on tour" to show it to government agencies and school departments.
To read or hear about it is one thing, so see and touch it the other.  
Especially to see that it works and meets the demands of our  
education. (Some people think it's just a toy.)

What do you think ?

Best regards,

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