[OLPC-AU] Testing Summary: 28 January 2012 - Auckland, New Zealand

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Sat Jan 28 20:22:50 EST 2012

Testing Summary: 28 January 2012 - Auckland, New Zealand
Who: Fabiana, Oliver, Rachel, Tabitha, Tom

"I can read" activity
This activity seems to be a good idea and I liked that you could record
your own sound. The activity seems to have a strange mix of English and
Spanish used. In the story view it reads allowed the first word and then
one sound but I couldn't find a way to get it to read any other words in
the story view.

Countries activity
Neat activity, was surprised at how varied the countries were once I had
put in one for every letter and wonder if that would be the case for other
people (I admit I did ask for help on the last couple of letters). It is
good you can type in the words using the keyboard rather than just pressing
the letters on the screen (much faster to type). I didn't write the country
names in alphabetical order, so could write them as I thought of them,
which I also thought was quite good as you can go back to the letters you
missed at the end.

Kuku Anakula activity
Like the start of the game when there were pictures depicting numbers (1
watermelon, 2 pineapples). Then the activity changes to written numbers,
but the numbers are very small and in the corner, so it would be good if it
displayed bigger numbers on the screen and also if there were more
activities that had pictures. This activity could have levels of
difficulty. I tried using the game keys and found that you can move with
the square/circle/triangle/check keys but pressing the arrow rocker would
often kill the chicken, not sure why; when using the space bar to select
the number it never killed the chicken (I don't think my math was wrong....

Weigh activity
We wrote up some feedback for this on
http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/reviews/display/4525 to try a
different approach to giving feedback. We would like to know if this method
appeals to activity developers. Whilst trying to give feedback here we
discovered that you could not select the number of feedback stars (so it
defaulted to 1 star, apologies to the developer!) - using Firefox 8.0.1 on
Mac OSX 10.6.8.

> It would be useful for the "more about this activity" information to be in
> a Help button in the activity in case the students are working offline.
> Explain the scoreboard in the Help.
> Label the buttons please. Maybe move the restart button to the top of the
> screen to be less cluttered and more clear.
> Can it automatically restart when you win?
> Nice challenge with the different levels, thanks.
I was going to raise a bug ticket for the stars issue on
activities.sugarlabs.org but I tried it again and it seems to work (added
review to Memorize) so maybe one off issue.

We had a good chat with Sridhar Dhanapalan in Australia and hope we can
help on a few things like documentation and testing at the AU builds for

Raised http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/11596 writing up problems with distance
reported previously.

Further investigated Record not saving pictures to the journal, didn't find
anything conclusive but did reproduce the problem. It is possible that
there is a delay before pictures show up in the journal. Will investigate
more next week.
Found that high and low quality pictures in record are not obviously
different. What does the quality control actually change? Is it changing
the resolution or the jpeg compression level?

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