[OLPC-AU] Sugar Mirrored on Dual Monitors

Peter Hewitt prh at mulawa.net
Tue Oct 26 06:43:22 EDT 2010

And G'day James!

Chose to try patching Sugar [4] just for the experience - worked like a charm.

Thank you for your detailed answer.

Still a bit of a pain having to run that xrandr command every time I start 
up Sugar.


At 04:15 PM 26/10/2010, James Cameron wrote:
>G'day Peter,
>Your problem is that the Sugar desktop does not respond to the change of
>screen size, and as a result the activity ring in the home view is not
>redrawn with new dimensions.
>This was a known problem [1] in Sugar 0.88, which you are using ... as
>it is what SoaS Mirabelle (v3) is based upon [2].
>You should seek a later build than SoaS v3.  The release schedule says
>it should be released tomorrow [3] but I've no clue how well it is
>tracking.  The sugar-devel mailing list might be able to help.  The
>question becomes "When will SoaS v4 be ready?  I need a fix that is in
>Alternatively, if you wish to try to fix the problem yourself, the
>code change [4] seems straightforward ... if you know how to apply patches
>mechanically to source code using the patch program.  The sugar-session
>process would need to be restarted after the change, and if you get the
>change wrong it won't start up again.
>1.  http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1725
>2.  http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_on_a_Stick/Mirabelle
>3.  http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_on_a_Stick
>James Cameron

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