[OLPC Networking] Satellite bandwidth over africa/...

Khaled Hassounah khaled at laptop.org
Tue Sep 26 19:54:08 EDT 2006

For the satellites we are looking at for Nigeria, it is 10 MB/s total
per transponder.

Although multi-cast would be great for pushed content, not too useful
for pulling which is what will have a direct impact on user experience.
Local caching would be useful here but too complex.

One easy solution that could be implemented in relatively short period
of time is a common cache sitting on the server that could be queried
for content prior to hitting the Internet. The Disney home page will be
downloaded only the first time someone browses to it. More intelligence
could be added to such caching layer later to make it more distributed
and to start querying surrounding accessible machines for example.


Ivan Krstić wrote:
> Ian Stirling wrote:
>> What is the total satellite bandwidth over Africa?
> We can get 2Mbit/s to each base station, but I forget the total
> capacity. In any case, it's not enough to satisfy our needs without
> extensive use of multicast.

Khaled Hassounah
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