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Bibek Paudel eternalyouth at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 14:30:50 EDT 2008

Sorry for some strange lines that you may read below but because of
different reasons, I am not updated with the latest happenings in OLPC
or anything else for that matter.

What has been going on? What changes in the leadership and
organization or principle have been taking place?

I would be glad if someone gave me a pointer to some information.

While I believe that empowering children and education with modern
technology is the best way to go, I personally choose to disagree with
what Bryan wrote, "Should OLPC incorporated choose a non-open source
path, we will continue working towards the ideals of OLPC." He is
entitled to his opinions, but the sole driving force of the OLPC
project has been the fact that it is a free and open platform, using
free/libre/open softwares and standards.

Cheers !

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 7:14 PM, Bryan Berry <bryan.berry at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Shankar and Ankur,
>  It has been quite an experience working w/ you over the last two years.
>  Sometimes we have had a rocky relationship but it has been great getting
>  to know you guys. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. I was one
>  of the original founders of OLPC Nepal. I helped guide it from a group
>  of friends to a registered NGO and then national force. While I left
>  OLPC Nepal back in July of 2007 under unhappy circumstances, I am still
>  proud of what we accomplished together.
>  OLE Nepal is still very much committed to the goals of OLPC. We see OLPC
>  as not as a single organization headquartered in Cambridge but an
>  international movement. Should OLPC incorporated choose a non-open
>  source path, we will continue working towards the ideals of OLPC.
>  Anyone interested in working together with us is more than welcome. We
>  have been unable to host community meetings over the last 2 months
>  because we have been simply too busy working on the Bashuki and
>  Bishwamitra pilots. We intend to have community meetings in the coming
>  weeks at our office near Sanepa Chowk.
>  If anyone wants to drop by our office and check out our work in content
>  development, teacher training, networking, etc. pls give me a call at
>  98511-04733 . I will be very busy over the next several weeks supporting
>  the pilots but will try to make time.
>  Good luck in your future endeavors,
>  Bryan Berry
>  OLE Nepal
>  http://www.olenepal.org
>  On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 19:03 +0545, Shankar Pokharel wrote:
>  > It's been a great experience working all-time with OLPC Nepal for
>  > about 2 years. We got the Government put OLPC in their yearly plans,
>  > raise much awareness about giving children opportunities for a quality
>  > learning experience with a free and open platform etc. We would like
>  > to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to work with you to do
>  > all what we have done, for every support and encouragements.
>  >
>  > With recent developments in OLPC including change in leadership and
>  > organizational structure , which we do not subscribe to, we have
>  > decided to take break from OLPC.
>  >
>  > Our goal remains to create an environment to use free and open
>  > platform and the technology for learning. We hope to continue working
>  > with the great team for this goal.
>  >
>  > Shankar and Ankur (ShAnkur)
>  >
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Bibek Paudel.

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