[Nepal] Thank you all!

Shankar Pokharel memshankar at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 09:18:08 EDT 2008

It's been a great experience working all-time with OLPC Nepal for about 2
years. We got the Government put OLPC in their yearly plans, raise much
awareness about giving children opportunities for a quality learning
experience with a free and open platform etc. We would like to thank you all
for giving me the opportunity to work with you to do all what we have done,
for every support and encouragements.

With recent developments in OLPC including change in leadership and
organizational structure , which we do not subscribe to, we have decided to
take break from OLPC.

Our goal remains to create an environment to use free and open platform and
the technology for learning. We hope to continue working with the great team
for this goal.

Shankar and Ankur (ShAnkur)
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