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Laura Vargas laura at somosazucar.org
Mon Jul 4 18:27:53 EDT 2016

2016-07-03 20:05 GMT+08:00 Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net>:

> Hi, Chris
> i was able to complete the functionality of the Lion.activity (version 2
> in ASLO). However, since I am not capable of providing translations for any
> language but English, testing has been limited. I was able to 'translate'
> the Chat activity to Urdu (using English text for the translated messages).
> The pocompile tool is included in the bundle so, there should be no need
> for other tools.
> The translated po file was compiled to an mo file. When I set urdu as the
> language in Sugar 0.106 on an XO-1.75, the Chat activity showed English
> text where Urdu would be expected. Note: in 0.106 there is no po file for
> Urdu, so the Lion activity presented the strings from the pot file.
> (copying it as ur.po). The activity saves the original po file as
> ur.po.orig (or xx.po.orig where xx is the language). The original mo file
> is overwritten.
> I believe with this activity, the Nigerian project could translate the
> eight activities to Yoruba in a matter of hours (or let me know what the
> problems are).
Samson! You may try it and give some feedback to Tony!

> However, the important goal is that it is simple enough that our users in
> schools can themselves translate activities to their own native language.
> Tony
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