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Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 13:20:18 EDT 2011

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 10:47 AM, Alexandro Colorado <jza at openoffice.org> wrote:
> I found many issues with the localization for TamTam, in part for maybe the
> lack of knowledge on foreign musical instruments and in part because is just
> based off automated translations that avoid context.
> A couple of examples are:
> slap = as in slap percussion. In spanish was translated as "Bofetada" which
> mostly means slap in the face or for us in Urban dictionary, "bitch
> slappin'" :D
> However I in context is odd to slap your legs or slap that ass with the term
> "Bofetada".
> Other issues are instruments that don't really translate well like the plate
> instrument -- Chimes which is translated as "Bells" however the chimes
> instrument doesnt really resembles any bells (Campandas). Specially since is
> a mixture between ximbal and a triangle instrument.
> Would want to generate a report of all these fuzzy terms and dump it into
> something more people can discuss on a more public list. Feel free to
> contribute the terminology.
> --
> Alexandro Colorado
> OpenOffice.org Español
> http://es.openoffice.org

Alexandro (jza),

You are certainly not the only person who has noticed the difficulty
of localizing some of the sound names of the TamTam tooltips, but it
is always good to bring such discussions to the list.

I recently worked with Rafael Ortiz (dirakx) and Aleksey Lim (alsroot)
to make some suggestions to make it easier for localizers to give good
translations by adding additional developer's comments.  (see attached
spreadsheet and this recent commit).


In addition, alsroot and dirakx are experimenting with combining the
TamTam strings into a single PO file so there is not quite so much
duplicate effort required to do all four TamTam Suite activities.

I am not claiming that my suggested re-namings are authoritative and I
believe that different ears can hear the sounds a little differently,
so I would be happy to discuss alternatives to the suggested changes I
proposed.  This list is a fine place to do tha  as it is really
related to internationalization (as opposed to activity function).
This is also a good time to do that as the code is getting some i18n
attention anyway and consensus changes can be made relatively easily.

I won't comment on specific string translations into Spanish, I'll
leave that to native speakers, I'm just trying to make it easier for
all localizers to provide a quality translation of these relative new
string additions to the TamTam suite.

Warmest regards,

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