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Seth Woodworth seth at isforinsects.com
Mon Jun 1 12:52:00 EDT 2009

I can't answer all or even most of your questions, but they are the right
ones to be asking.  Your order of solving the issues makes sense for a plan
to go into place, but I think they are orthogonal issues, and will be solved
by completely different groups.

1.   How can we enable writers to easily change the Help Content, bring it
> up to date and customize it for the XO and for Sugar on a Stick.

If by writers you mean the Sugar community, I'm willing to help document and
streamline things considerably.  If you're trying to solve the issue for X
deployment or user, I think that it's a bit harder, but mostly the same

2. Who will bring it up to date and customize it?

It is mostly up to date for .82, it's just not complete.  It doesn't cover a
lot of the activities yet, nor hardly any support issues.  The decision
needs to be made if the current revision of the text is frozen as far as
.82/8.2.0 is concerned or if it will be improved independently of text for
.84 and SoaS.

>    1.
> 3.  How can it be localized effectively?

I think that Localization should be happening inside of FlossManuals'
toolset.  It us up to us to let people/deployments know this, and encourage

> 4.  Who will enable different versions to go into different releases?

That is entirely up to those who are making releases.  nubae >
Gentoo&Edubuntu, ?? > SaoS, and me for OLPC.

> 5.  How will people find the Help content, a ? in the activity ring and/or
> from Browse.

While I live in the browser, chidren, esp those who do not have internet,
may not.

Technical implementation aside, I feel it should be in both locations;
Browse/Library and in the Activity ring.  Neither is ideal.

P.S. I *still* owe and will work on documenting.
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