[Localization] Translation of Etoys into Swedish

Susanna Björverud susanna.bjorverud at telia.com
Sun Jan 25 14:32:57 EST 2009

Hello everyone,

For totally selfish reasons (my children wanted to use etoys) I have
downloaded and translated quite a bit of the etoys Swedish po-file from
dev.laptop.org and made the minimal tweak needed for debian lenny to use
it (symbolic link from lang>locale). The sheer amount of strings in
etoys made pootle a less than obvious choice. 

Not all of the strings I have translated show up while running etoys,
but I presume this is a version problem (I have the current lenny
version: 3.0.1916+svn132-2).

I am however slightly confused on how to submit these translations back
up; I have registered and I do have a Upload file-box, but I have so far
failed to find any instructions on how to use this. I am therefore
asking for instructions on what is the recommended way to submit my

I apologize if this question should have been put to
etoys at lists.laptop.org rather than here.

/Susanna Björverud
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