[Localization] Translators; A tale about one of the many unsung "heros" of OLPC

Niklaus Giger niklaus.giger at member.fsf.org
Mon Jan 19 16:45:39 EST 2009


Last Saturday I had the pleasure to meet Cécile Wyler from 
Lausanne/Switzerland which is one of the three persons in charge of 
translating Sugar and the manual into French.

She has devoted - supported by her husband - more than 200 hours translating 
XO's FLOSS manual into French.

When I opened my bag and passed her the XO it was a almost magic moment when 
she touched for the first time in her life a XO! 

You could see how she recalled the manual when she opened the XO, started it 
up, went to the control panel, change the language from english -> french and 
after a reboot the menu/help and everything appeared in French!

I would like to thank publicly Cécile for her work.

And many thanks to every single contributor of the localization team. It is 
such an important job and I always feel  proud of our community work when I 
can present the XO to somebody as a computer "speaking" his or her language.

And thanks go also to the laptop foundation for giving out XOs to developers 
in the whole world.

Please keep on with your work.

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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