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>  Hello,
> Please can someone refer me to a simple guide to the terminology of the
> OLPC translation system
> - Fructose / Glusoce, Honey etc
> - 0.82 versions of some of the above
> I have tried to find the info on the wiki but :(


I may have a few of the details wrong, but here is my general understanding.

The .82 distinction is about the fact that while sugar.82 (roughly
corresponding to the 8.2 release of build 767) has a few strings that are
new, most deployments have not yet moved to 8.2 releases yet, although
hopefully they will over time, so Glucose is the older string set and
Glucose.82 is the newer string set.  There is a lot of overlap and I think
that translating strings they have in common will not need to be done twice
but Sayamindu would have to answer about how common string sharing between
these works out in practice.  If you will be deploying an 8.2 release, then
you definitely want toe translate the .82 versions that has the new strings.

The terminology being used to speak about different parts of the Sugar
experience are described more fully on the Sugar Labs wiki



Glucose is the core of sugar that sits on top of the linux underneath.  It
doesn't include any activity strings (other than the Journal).  It is the
raw basics, no frills, essential, a must translate.

Fructose includes a few of the core activities (chat, calculate, log, pippy,
read, terminal, browse, write) that make the XO worth using.  Another must
translate, IMHO.  There are identical string counts between fructose and
fructose .82, I'm not sure there are any significant differences among the
strings, but I would go for fructose if you use a pre-8.2 release and
fructose.82 if you are deploying an 8.2 release, may not really make any
difference given that most activity strings are shared and didn't need to
change along with the underlying OS.

Honey  This adds a lot more activities.  Many of these are worth having,
once you click on it, you can see the individual PO files underneath and I
would translate any that belong to activites you want to use (TamTam,
memorize, record, etc.)

I hope this helps to aleast give you the general gist, even if i have a few
of the details wrong, and I'm sure someone will correct any incorrect
assumptions/statements on my part.

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