[Localization] Problem: 2 translations for 1 string

Gerhard Steiner gd.steiner at gmx.at
Thu Mar 20 10:45:09 EDT 2008

Dear all,

While translating etoys into german we found the following problem.
We need a way to translate ~100-200 english strings which are used in 
different menus in different ways.


msgid "copy"
#: Morphic-Kernel,Morph>>additionsToViewerCategoryMiscellaneous
msgstr "kopiere dich"
#: SoundScores,PianoRollScoreMorph>>invokeScoreMenu:
msgstr "Kopieren"

There is only 1 english string in the etoys.po "copy",
but for menu1 we have to translate that "copy" -> "kopiere dich"
and for menu2 we have to translate that "copy" -> "Kopieren"
We haven't found a way to adapt the etoys.po file to solve that.

Please give us a hint what we can do. At the moment we are not able to 
finish the etoy-translation.
1. Is there a way to adopt the etoys.po
2. If no, what else can we do?

best regards

Gerhard Steiner

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