[Localization] OLPC for reading/writing Japanese

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Tue Jan 8 14:42:30 EST 2008

The second point was intriguing. I reflashed to 653. Directly after  
that the disk usage was 327MB. I then re-installed scim and scim- 
anthy. Scim was 16MB, thereof perl-lib (567KB) and perl (10MB). Scim- 
anthy is 6.9MB. To that I added a couple of Bitstream fonts at 13MB  
each. Presently the disk usage is 376MB. If I had used just one font,  
then it would take 36MB to install scim/anthy/font. Not exorbitant,  
but still a bit large for a utility.

It would be nice if it were not necessary to install perl to use  
scim. Maybe as I learn more LInux I would move perl to the SD and run  
from there. Performance would not be so much of an issue if perl is  
only used for the scim-setup module.

Am Jan 8, 2008 um 9:03 AM schrieb Yuan Chao:

> On Jan 8, 2008 3:06 AM, dmt <dmt at netcom.com> wrote:
>>  I was able to get my OLPC to behave nearly like my old Fujitsu  
>> OASYS Lite typewriter.
> That sound great.
>> Perhaps as Walter Bender suggests, it would be useful if your web  
>> page formed the basis for a
>> wiki.laptop.org entry. I would be glad to augment it with what I  
>> have come up with for
> Sure. Just need some time to get it updated in advance.
>> (BTW, I allowed your email address through the spam filter of the  
>> ISP I use.
> Thanks.
> BTW, there are also some considerations:
> * SCIM used to cause a quite frequent wakeups on CPU. (see
> linuxpowertop.org) I'm not sure if this is already fixed in the
> upperstream
> * Several package like SCIM contains many non-necessary (to XO)
> dependencies and it's kind of waste on the limited disk space. I
> remember that SCIM RPM uses perl to do the configuration which is
> actually not working for XO. A repack for XO would be needed.
> * High quality CJK fonts with good coverage in unicode is rare. IPA
> fonts are very beautiful, but the license issue needs to be taken good
> care of. The unicode coverage is not enough for CKV. UnifontCJK-ng and
> WQY-Zhenghei are still under heavy development. These fonts may need
> RPM packages or re-pack for XO.
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>>> On Jan 7, 2008 3:19 PM, dmt <dmt at netcom.com> wrote:
>>>> do this are not all in one place. I have begun documenting the  
>>>> steps,
>>>> which with some variations could also be used to enable Chinese,
>>>> Korean, and other languages. How might I be able to contribute this
>>>> information to the community?
>>> I have written some document to enable Chinese in my web page.
>>> However, it's a bit outdated now. I'll update it some time later.
>>> http://hep1.phys.ntu.edu.tw/~john/olpc/olpc_in_chinese.html
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>>> Best regards,
>>> Yuan Chao
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> Best regards,
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