[Localization] Fwd: OLPC Afghanistan localization

gulzade at paiwastoon.com.af gulzade at paiwastoon.com.af
Wed Dec 24 02:24:33 EST 2008

Hi dear All,

OLPC Afghanistan project is on going and we are localizing XO labtops in
our lab and will deploy soon.We have some problem in localizing in
Afghanistan languages(Dari and Pashto).
The translation stuff has been finished .We are new in XO labtops if you
help us we would be thankful.
1.I upload sugar.mo file in /usr/share/locale/fa/LC_MESSAGES/
and I changed /home/olpc/.i18n  to  LANG="fa_AF.UTF-8" it works properly
dari and pashtoo.
problem with activity!!!
when I put (translated)Journal-activity.mo to
/usr/share/activities/locale/fa/LC_MESSAGES/    directory
 it doesnt work :(
2.How can we change the appearance of sugar UI font and font size.
3.How can we change the text of sugar interface like Arabic right to left
4.After localization how can we provide one image both Dari and Pashto
Afghanitan language from XO .
is it possible because of old version which I am using 8.1 and when I type
in terminal   locale -a ther is no  fa_AF (Farsi for Afghanistan)
5.How to change  appearance from left-to-right to  right-to-left like Arabic.
Best regards,
Nasir Gulzade
OLPC Softare Developer
mobile:0093 700 530 286

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