[Localization] OLPC India conference call in ~4hrs from now

Arjun Sarwal arjun at laptop.org
Fri Apr 18 03:54:36 EDT 2008

OLPC India conference call
Hosted by the OLPC India team from Mumbai, India

* Time: 5pmIST (730am EST)

* Agenda:
1.  Brief introductions , everyone
2. Introduction to OLPC in India, the vision
3. Khairat pilot - the past seven months, learning and experiences
from the field
4. The road ahead, upcoming pilot projects, how you can help. Who is
the OLPC - India team, how can you be a part of it
5. How can you be a part of OLPC India initiative -- individuals,
NGOs, corporations
6. How can one buy laptops in India ?
7. Introduction to Student Chapter initiatives by Gaurav Chachra from
Punjab University and their content development initiatives, how you
can get involved
8. Localization - translators needed. Sayamindu explains the Pootle
system briefly. Discussion of keyboard layouts etc
9. Software development -- getting the open source communities in India involved
10. Building Local Communities

* Call in number:
Dial in Nos                         :          91 - 22 - 3022 1000
Entry Password                  :          0675#

* OLPC , India, some links...:

see you all there!


ps -- I might not be able to make it due to some last minute things ,
but ill try my best and will look forward to reading the minutes..

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