[OLPC library] Sugarization of DjVuLibre: an alternative ebook reader?

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Fri Jul 2 23:23:57 EDT 2010

> As you may know, we are in the testing phase of our "first" ebook aimed
> for our deployment in Madagascar.
> So far, we have 1 ebook (djvu) that is being tested> 
> It's a proof of concept, but it looks interesting.
> However, this is a very basic and far from portable try because of some
> unmet dependencies.  May be someone can give it a try.

As a result of your post, I installed and ran DjVuLibre (and DjView4).
My opinion:  the "proof of concept" works.

This was on an XO-1, using F11-based os15 with a mikus-written launch
script.  F11 made it easy - all I had to do was 'yum install djvulibre
djview4'.  My system has additional rpm packages already installed, to
support various multimedia - I did NOT run into any unmet dependencies.
 My biggest problem was finding a .djvu file to test with.  Note:  my
systems use a swap partition (on a "permanent" SD card) - perhaps XO
systems without swap might experience problems with large ebooks.
[Also note that often "rotate screen" support is deficient.]

Given that DjVuLibre works on F11-based XOs, I believe it ought to also
work with F9-based XOs.  It is easy to "sugarize" a Linux application.
The principal hurdle might be in getting an ebook into the Journal, and
then accessing it from the Journal with DjVuLibre.  If you'd like some
help, I'm willing to delve into your needs.  [I do not speak French.]

I note that the referenced websites mention working with SoaS Mirabelle.
 It is my understanding that the current Mirabelle will NOT work on the
XO - thus XO procedures and non-XO procedures might have to differ.


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