[OLPC India] Parikrma Foundation starts with OLPC ProjectinBangalore

Marc Valentin mvalentin at oeuvredespains.org
Mon Sep 22 10:39:41 EDT 2008

On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 2:03 PM, Chida <ajchida at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 5:19 PM, Marc Valentin
> <mvalentin at oeuvredespains.org> wrote:
>> Hi Childa,
>> As you can see, informations given on this list can be contradictory...
>> This comes from some difficulties of OLPC Cambridge (I prefer this
>> name to OLPC India, because they are actually based in the US) to put
>> up with the "Digital Bridge Foundation" who developed the pilot
>> projects so far in India. Satish Jha didn't give clear answer why this
>> conflict (?) started, so it is still a mystery to me and others on
>> this list.
>> However, I had never any problem with "Digital Bridge Foundation", I
>> personnaly met Amit Gogna and I will continue to collaborate with the
>> "Digital Bridge Foundation" in the future because they look very much
>> aware of the practical problems involved in deploying XO.
>> -marc-
>> http://www.OeuvreDesPains.org
> Thank Marc for the explaination.  I'm not sure what the goals of "Digital
> Bridge Foundation" is either.
> All I want to do is help.  So far, I get a feeling that OLPC India plans are
> not quite "open". Politics for such projects brings down the motivation.
> Chida

Satish Jha wrote recently in a message : "We should also keep in mind
that our production batch size is 50,000 at one time and unless we can
scale up, the program will have different kind of management
challenges. In this listserv, if we can focus on how to aggregate to
large numbers, it will be a great help indeed."
So basically the problem of OLPC is to scale up the deployments in
India to make production quantities acceptable for the industry. I can
understand that, it is needed. But, I suppose you are like me and most
of the people of this list, you don't care about those selling
technical things, you want to help locally with the implementation or
the maintenance for the best benefit of the children not starting
lobbying here and there in local government offices. From the
beginning, the people discussing on this list were interested with the
practical aspects of developing XO and deploying them, if OLPC wants
to find XO activists ready to go to talk to companies and governments,
I am not sure they will find them in this list.


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