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Tue Sep 2 09:56:02 EDT 2008

 *I am delighted to inform you about the colleagues who have just joined us
to support at OLPC India. They are all based in New Delhi and will support
teh nation-wide buy-in and roll out of screen based learning for primary
school going children across the country. *
*One Laptop Per Child project is based on the innovative laptop XO developed
at MIT Media Lab and follows the five principles of **Child ownership,
at **Early ages,
with **Saturation, **Connection and **Free and open source.*
  * *
*Prakash Nanda has joined us as an Adviser and will support me in
establishing and running the national, state and divisional organizations.
He will also support with government education policy, communication,
central government and Orissa state government affairs as needed. He was the
Director and Head of a Rai Foundation educational institution, worked as a
leader writer/ Assistant Editor with The Times of India and was also a
Producer and Head of foreign affairs for Sahara TV Network. Prakash
also worked closely with the Japanese government and headed some of their
functions at the Japanese Embassy in New Delhi.  *
* *
 *Amit Bhatia is an Adviser and will support us in helping schools,
educational organisations and the government departments to purchase and
deploy OLPC XO across the country. He will also support in establishing
relationships with various educational institutions as well as the education
departments of various state governments. He brings with him significant
experience of selling to the Education Departments of the Govt of India and
various state governments and has worked as a Senior VP of Macmillan as well
as the CEO of an educational organization.  *
* *
 *Puja Taneja will be the office manager and support our office in New
Delhi. She currently supports and manages the offices of the Executive
Director and President of TiE New Delhi and has over 12 years experience in
managing the offices of the CEOs she worked with. *
* *
*We look forward to your support in taking screen based learning and helping
every child in india access the best in education available today across the
country and regardless of their geography, income or community.*
* *
*Thanks and best regards,*
*Satish Jha*
Satish Jha
President & CEO
OLPC India
One Cambridge Center, 10th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02141
T:301 841 7422
F:301 560 4909
India: +91 99 75 68 39 50
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