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Dear Marc,
We are also planning to get XO laptops (with Windows & Office) in our  
school, which is in Fatehpur district, about 80 km from Kanpur. We have  grades 6-12 
(Hindi medium) and can provide living quarters to the teachers.The  principal 
and one computer teacher live on campus, however, their salaries are  low 
(Rs. 3000-3500), as the tuition we charge ranges between Rs. 50-100/mo  only.
What salary does your school pay to computer teachers? Can we get any  
teachers from south to teach at our school. We are also planning to give a  
"Certificate in Computers" to those who pass high school (grade 10) and  Intermediate 
(grade 12) and additional vocational computer courses, to  community youth. 
However, getting qualified teachers is a major hurdle.
Will greatly appreciate any help & advise.
Thanks ........... Sheel Thakur
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We are looking for a computer  teacher because our current computer
teacher is leaving our  school.
Teaching is for class 1 to 6 with XO computers (we have 35 XOs)  :
basic computer knowledge + Logo / Etoys, etc. (English Medium).
The  school is located in a rural area near Sambhal (Moradabad district,  
If some teacher from south India is interested to move to north  (we
have several teachers already from Kerala), it is also possible  to
provide accommodation.
For any further detail, please contact  me.
Thank you.
-Marc  Valentin-
mvalentin at oeuvredespains.org

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