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Bill Coddington snwyrvr at comcast.net
Sun Mar 2 01:03:24 EST 2008

Hello, I have just returned from 3 weeks in India. My purpose was to  
deliver 8 XO's and teach the children to use them. I was very  
frustrated by not being able to connect a single laptop to the  
internet. I purchased quality routers in Delhi and Hydrabad but none  
of them would allow connection. When I went to neighborhood it showed  
the router but had a lock on it. Can someone tell me how  to remove  
the lock to resolve this problem? Also I had to bring one home  
because it had 2 problems. Does anyone know who I can communicate  
with to receive a replacement?

The organization I work with in Delhi is St. Stephen's Hospital,  
Delhi's largest private hospital. The program I work in is the  
Community Health Center in Sundar Nagri. It is a fantastic  program  
supporting a colony population of 90,000 with education of 1,000  
students, an open-school for dropouts with 150 students, medical  
exams & supplies, immunizations, senior center, child to child  
education/teaching, women's empowerment department, family planning  
and many other significant contributing programs. They also have an  
additional 9 rural projects where they offer these programs. They are  
a God-send to the population whom 50% live below the poverty level. I  
would like Reliance to have a conversation with the Center's  
Director, Dr. Amod Kumar, concerning the Center's future as a  
learning center for XO. Can someone tell me how I might facilitate an  
introduction/conversation? Sorry to take so much room on the list but  
I have many questions, and I'll defer more to a later time. Thanks  
for your help and input.

Bill Coddington
St. Stephen's website is:

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