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Beth Santos beth at waveplace.org
Mon Jun 28 13:52:21 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Let's get this list split up by Wednesday. Does anyone have any suggestions
for further courseware or shall we start divvying up who does what? And on
that note, does anyone have particular interest in creating courseware for a
certain subject?

Would love to keep it focused in Etoys so that it can best work under the
Waveplace courseware so that at least everything for us is consistent. We
can have people working in teams- people who are more comfortable with the
computer/programming/[Etoys] side and people who are more comfortable with
the education side, working together on each unit. There can definitely be
exceptions though (like for example, the Sugar programs that have already
been created, as attached). I would love to see courseware finished by
sometime in September, which would give us over two months of time to create
a unit with ten lessons in it.

Thanks everyone- I know I'm a little bit pushy so I appreciate your
patience. I'm just excited to get some great courseware going that I know we
all can use in our deployments worldwide!

*Beth Santos*
Outreach Coordinator
Waveplace Foundation

Tel: +1 610 797 3100 x 44
Fax: +1 610 797 3199
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