[Health] Guidelines for interactive learning activities

Ian Thomson IanT at spc.int
Sat Aug 14 23:48:24 EDT 2010

Hi All,


In the Pacific Ocean, Climate change Adaption is quite a big issue. It
will cut across many areas, including health.


We are looking at funding developing an interactive activity for OLPC on
this, most likely with many modules (e.g. food sustainability (fishing
and agriculture), land and coral degradation, fresh water and
sanitation, etc


We are thinking of something like Food Force.


A none of us are developers, we feel we need to get experts to develop
specifications for the development work, but first, we want to develop a
set of high level requirements.


Does anyone have an example we could adapt?


Ian Thomson 

PacRICS and OLPC Coordinator


Phone +687 26 01 44


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