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Chris Watkins chriswaterguy at appropedia.org
Wed Aug 11 23:50:43 EDT 2010

Hi folks. A late self-intro - I'm a water and sanitation engineer by
training, but my main work and interest is in knowledge sharing, i.e.
building a knowledge bank on Appropedia.org, for all manner of info about
development and sustainability, including water, sanitation and public
health among many other topics.

So, I'm not sure exactly what's planned, but I'd be happy to lend a hand to
Randy and Caryl on water/sanitation.

I also assume that any content that is created is under an open license, and
hope that it's put somewhere where it will be well indexed, findable, and
usable - naturally I'm thinking of Appropedia :-).


On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 01:46, Beth Santos <beth at waveplace.org> wrote:

> Maybe do some pairings like Jacquie and Stephen on malnutrition,
> Randy/Caryl on water/sanitation, Caryl/Sameer on recording peripherals
> (using the measure program in Sugar), Sandra/Dari on HIV/AIDS...? What do
> people think?
Chris Watkins

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