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Hi All,


I work for an intergovernmental agency in the Pacific Islands, providing Technical Assistance to 22 Islands. It is called the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

I work in the ICT Outreach program and have responsibility for OLPC and the Rural Internet Connectivity System (affordable VSAT Internet)

So far, we have started 9 country OLPC projects.


SPC has a major Health program in the region and runs many projects on Non Communicable Diseases and things like elimination of malaria, TB etc. Some of our health projects are funded by the Global Foundation. We do quite a lot of education and capacity building in the program and have developed many paper based education resources


In the Pacific, we are looking at developing culturally appropriate digital resources that help islanders address their major issues such as Health and Climate Change.


Ian Thomson 

PacRICS and OLPC Coordinator


Phone +687 26 01 44


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Hi all,


Now that I'm back in the USA, let's get people introduced to one another. I think a good idea might be to first introduce ourselves and describe our interests, then pair people up together (Etoys people with public health people and such) to take on different units (I'm assuming at least the majority of them will be based in Etoys so that teachers can edit them to make them culturally relevant in various locations). Then we can get a timeline going to see some of this stuff out.


So if you can just take a quick five minutes to introduce yourself and to indicate what particular interests you have in terms of public health projects, that'd be great!


I'm Beth and I'm the Outreach Coordinator for Waveplace Foundation <http://www.waveplace.org> . After doing a few laptop pilots using Etoys and OLPC's XO laptop, what I realized was really missing was some public health curricula that kids could use in our (and other) laptop programs around the world. I have my own computer program running in São Tomé that has benefitted from the Waveplace courseware but has also done a lot of development on its own. I've also worked in Haiti and St. John with Waveplace.


Lots of interest in terms of public health, nothing in particular comes to mind, though I do have experience with malaria and AIDS prevention initiatives.


Excited to be working with all of you and hoping that we can get some great work together!


Take care,



PS Etoys Education Team-- I cc'ed you on this email in case any of you are interested in joining us on the OLPC listserv, which is our home even though it's technically a Waveplace project that we're doing. Let me know and I'd be happy to add you, or sign up yourself to the OLPC list at least!

Beth Santos
Outreach Coordinator
Waveplace Foundation

Tel: +1 610 797 3100 x 44
Fax: +1 610 797 3199
Cell: +1 603 661 1273 

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